Insider Tips For Buying Airline Ticket Cheap and Quick

 Buying Airline Ticket

Do you feel that buying airline ticket is constantly pinching on your precious travelling budget? Well, we can’t agree with you more and here, we managed to squeeze out the top 9 insider secrets from the old hands to break the code of cheap airline ticket finder!


Tips For Buying Airline Ticket Cheap and Quick

Budget travelling has never been so popular compared to a decade ago with travel hackers doing every stunt possible to dodge expensive routes when buying airline ticket. And below are some surefire cheap airline ticket tips to take-off for less.

Travelling strategies

#1: Break Your Route

It’s so typical that most of us tend to book direct flights but do you know that sometimes rerouting through different airlines can save you hundreds? For instance, major carrier may charge few hundreds more to Asia compared to rerouting at domestic airline and switch to cheaper Asia carriers that service the hub instead.

#2: Use Secondary Airports

While you may need to single out ambiguous fares that ride on extra fees, most low-cost carriers like Ryanair, Southwest and AirAsia are good options to purchase cheap tickets as their budget operation makes it possible to offer “no-fee” fares regularly.

Booking Strategies

Though airline ticket prices drop with approaching departure; most airlines are smarter in dealing last minute discount cards as they know business folks would pay the premium for remaining seats. So rather than vying among thousands of deal-hunters, you should strike early instead.

#3: Be An Early Bird

If you’re flying locally, book 2-3 weeks earlier while International flights sells cheaper 6 weeks in advance. With time, you’ve got money because early reservations can easily save you 6%-20%.

#4: Fly against the traffic

People who have time up their sleeves are always luckier in buying airline ticket cheaply because they go where the crowds DON’T go! Unless you’re schedule-bound, always travel during:

  • Low-Peak Seasons – Know your destination’s visiting trends for better deals. Eg. Europe receives less visitors in late March while China is packed during Chinese New Year
  • Low-Peak Days – ABC News highlights general preference to depart on Fridays and Sundays to stretch weekend holidays. Hence, you’ll save more on Wednesdays when airlines discount their tickets to fulfill capacity
  • Low-Peak Hours – Sacrifice some sleeping time for first morning flights or late night flights
  • Low-Surcharge Days – Avoid heavily taxed travels around Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and beginning of June’s holiday

Hunting Strategies

Real airfare deals don’t lie around to be discovered. They are snatched on first sights. But while pacing the race, be prepared to commit to the limited changeability and refunds restrictions thereafter.

#5: Be Ahead of Promos

  • Tuesdays & Fridays Deals – advises to pick your cheapest flights on Fridays followed by 3pm Tuesdays when majority of travel agencies would’ve readjusted their fare to stay competitive
  • Morning Deals – To get cheap airline tickets, prepare to strike on discounted tickets that make brief appearances at dawn

#6: Assign Watchdogs

Buying Airline Ticket_Watchdog

  • Travel Aggregators – in particular is reliable as they employ real people to comb major and budget airlines to prompt you valuable deals based on your budget, dates and ticket type parameters while provides prices run-down for next 11 months.
  • Mailing List/Newsletter – Sign up for alerts on valuable sale fares that usually only last the day

#7: Stay Loyal

Airlines love their returning customers and would frequently conduct soft-launches before publicizing cheap airline ticket codes in exchange for discounts, checked bags fees waivers, perks and more. To enjoy such privileges, sign up for:

  • Frequent-Flyer Programs – Earn miles while getting first-hand special deals
  • Airline’s Credit/Debit Cards – If you’re eligible, it offers convenience, miles point and savings in the long-run
  • Airline’s Facebook/Twitter FanPage – Occasionally grab fans-exclusive deals that fills up before it even go public

#8: Do Your Homework

Buying Airline Ticket_Aggregators

To ensure that you always have the lowest price on hand, compare the airfares from at least 2 to 3 aggregator/comparison sites such as:

  • – Cover vast comparison grounds with 3 days on either side of your date for analysis to yield 30%-70% savings
  • – Pulls extensive data from travel sites for comprehensive evaluation
  • Skyscanners – Speedily pluck your desired results from both major and budget carriers

For thorough comparisons:

  1. Pick the lowest deals prompted by
  2. Otherwise, start by filtering cheapest flight from either
  3. Compare against similar requirements on the rest of comparison platforms above by selecting “non-stop” option to standardize searches.
  4. Once the congregated details reveal possible carriers engaged in the route, double-check if lower airfare is available from carrier’s website ( At times, buying from the carrier’s foreign site ( is cheaper if they have lower exchange rate. So remember to cross-check.

#9: Dump The Extras

For maximum savings, try to:

  • Opt out from carrier/agent’s Insurance which tends to be costlier than buying your own
  • Avoid checking-in baggage and hand-carry instead
  • Check-in online and print your own boarding pass if airline impose airport charges

Check back for more saving tips when buying airline ticket soon.

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